M&M/SLD collaboration

I am so excited to release (today hopefully!) the first of the lovely skirts I have made in collaboration with Shari.   Here is a little sneak peek… I wonder if you can figure out what they’ll actually be?  Hints:  patchwork (of course!), exposed serging (of course!), bright and colourful (OF COURSE!)  :)   In … More M&M/SLD collaboration


I wish I was a better blogger. I also wish I had more of a routine with my work, blogging, book-keeping etc. I know. Repetitive, much? :) Aren’t my orchids beautiful? :) I’ve been spending some slow hours this morning with a pot of coffee and reading some blogs. So many wonderful people in this … More Ramblings…

Mmm… zips :)

I have been (im)patiently awaiting the arrival of these beautiful zips. I am so excited to finally indulge my newfound zipper fetish! My mind has been tumbling with all sorts of oddly shaped purses, so watch this space! yay! :)

Fugly enough?

What do you think? Hrmmmm…. in a pic it doesn’t actually look so bad. It’s the fugliest knits I have though (that Pooh Bear fabric – ICK!). I am planning an op shop spree on Thursday as I have plans for some thrifted tees… maybe I’ll find something fuglier there!! :)

Fugly :)

there’s a challenge on in the online art/design/sewing world, to turn ugly knits into something beautiful. Sounds like a lot of fun, so I’m in!! :) This is what Shari from Soren Lorensen Design came up with. I ADORE the embroidered fabric. haha…what is fugly to one, is not necessarily to another!! :) The Great … More Fugly :)

Dresses done

I love how the dresses turned out. I have three to list, plus the little skirt. Suddenly soooo tired. I wanted to use the afternoon to take photos of Lily in the bigger dresses, but I’m very tempted to have a lay down. I’m not going to though – I’m better off heading out to … More Dresses done

My first giveaway!

Seems it’s the done thing, so I’m giving away a baby dress, over at The Veater Family Blog :) I’ve already posted their tinybabygirl her brand new dress so she can pose for some special photos, and am offering a free “butterfly dress” up to girls size 6. How fun!! :) You really should check … More My first giveaway!


the above picture is NOT here :) I’m reading and hearing lots about pots of soup simmering and winter layers coming out of storage. Here in the tropical Top End we have two seasons: the Wet and the Dry (though the Aboriginal calendar has a LOT more – remind me to post that someday). But … More Autumn