destination is changing dear Aquarius

I had such a wonderful day! To begin, my horoscope via Gaz Lowe said:

“Aquarius: It feels to me that the destination is changing dear Aquarius and this is exactly what you need. Today you will come across a wake up call that will drive you into a whole new direction. It’s really time for you to shift the way you think and not get lost in fooling yourself into believing that you need to keep on learning the same damn lessons over and over again.”

I was so excited by that!

So while I waited for Kirsty from Shop Room Studio to arrive, I cut out a few zippered purses to make. While pinning the first, I looked to my hanging collection of strips & fabric ribbons and decided to add something… then something more, and more, and dug out my tin of lace and bits…

and before I knew it, I was using some of the gorgeous decorative stitches in away I was shown in the complimentary class I took when I bought it last year. I was listening to Vargo and completely blissing out…

I was so elated! I suddenly wanted to announce I wasn’t going to make clothing at all anymore. I just want to make beautiful things that are nothing like what anybody else makes.

I am completely in love.

Then Kirsty arrived full of beautiful smiles and gorgeous enthusiasm. She’s one of those people where the conversation is never stilted or awkward, just continually bubbled over.

Cooeee??? LOL

I’m pleased to say that Kirsty thoroughly enjoyed her cardamom chicken curry for lunch :)

She came with me to pick the girls up (she actually drove us there, as we were so sidetracked talking that I as running late!), and then stayed a while after. Lots of lovely hugs all ’round, and our new friend went on her way :)

4 thoughts on “destination is changing dear Aquarius

  1. awww, thanks Nikki. it was such a pleasure and an honour to be in the company of you and your lovely girls. cardamon chicken curry is my new favourite thing to eat, i’m going to have to find any excuse possible to land on your doorstep next time you make it!


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