New stuff

Ok, now the heavy life stuff is all updated, I’ll carry on with what I wanted to tell you about, if you didn’t already know:

Monsoons & Mangoes is heading away from clothing and towards ‘other stuff’  :)    Like quilting.  I know!!! Aside from the couple of custom cot quilts I’ve made in the past (note to self: find the pictures!), I swore I would take up quilting… never.  But somehow, I’ve discovered the deep satisfaction of sitting on a $10 thrifted cane chair, either on my deck or with feet propped on the coffee table… hand-quilting.  I LOVE!!    I want to hand-quilt everything.  Even any garments that might sneak into my creative mind: “where can I do some feature hand stitching?” :)

Today, while I waited for fabric to dry on the line, I made this little cover for Maisie’s 50c mini photo album.  In hindsight, I should have made it more of a dust-jacket type cover, as it’s slippery against the plastic, but she says it is wonderful the way it is.  Can you see the little pink stitches? :)

Mini album cover

I wrote about it on M&M Facebook page that this discovery was like finding my soul mate:  “Oh, hello. I’ve been looking for you.”  I’ve struggled to express just how lovely it is, to make like this.

I’ve drawn from an endless supply of quilting books from my local library.  The ones I am most inspired by are contemporary, using upcycled fabric, or bright and a little bit random.  Art quilts, inspired by everything I find beautiful or useful.

You already know my great love is flowers, but I also want to play with:

  • stripes
  • solids (yes, I did just type that!)
  • applique
  • wholecloth quilts.  Traditionally, the beauty was all in the intricate quilting on white fabric..  but I find myself more often in love with the backing of inspirational quits, so I want to use beautiful printed or woven fabrics as the “hero”, rather than patchwork or elaborate swirly quilting designs

Originally, I used a cotton sheet and pinned fabric pieces to it, but I have most excitedly discovered in my research that I can use a flannelette sheet design wall!  My method is umm…  resourceful: using picture hooks and skirt hangers, but it’s working for now.  One day, I’ll make a portable one.  Oooh!  :)


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