Best Kale breakfast

On Mondays, I treat myself to not leaving the house.  The idea is to chirp, create and drift from 9-5, no interruptions. My children walk or bus to school and home again.  It really does feel very freeing and I encourage you to implement something similar: if bus/walking aren’t options, tee up a pick up/drop off one day … More Best Kale breakfast

Do I blog?

I went to Church today.  That is an entry in itself!!  But not what this is about. Connecting with the awesome members afterwards was a joy and delight, uplifting and motivating.  I was discussing my business (if you could even call it that, these days) with a business coach (as you do) and he asked me … More Do I blog?

New stuff

Ok, now the heavy life stuff is all updated, I’ll carry on with what I wanted to tell you about, if you didn’t already know: Monsoons & Mangoes is heading away from clothing and towards ‘other stuff’  :)    Like quilting.  I know!!! Aside from the couple of custom cot quilts I’ve made in the … More New stuff

9 months

That is how long it’s been since my last blog post!!   It’s been niggling away that it’s “been a while”, but I didn’t think THAT long.  I could have conceived a child, gained 30kg and popped a baby out (as you do), in that time.   Nothing like that, of course… My lovely girls and I … More 9 months

One month on…

If I thought I had been on an insightful journey a month ago, that was nothing to the one I am now on. The biggest surprise to me following separating from my partner was ‘falling into’ some amazing books and learning how to become more soul conscious, how to separate the ego/personality from soul, becoming … More One month on…

Soul searching

I’ve been on the most incredible, insightful journey over the past few months. In early December I called off my impending wedding to D. Largely due to our relationship not being in a fit state to make a greater commitment and realising we were going down that path for all the wrong reasons. Putting the … More Soul searching

Cheats Moroccan Lamb

Got left-over lamb?  Chick peas?  A few eastern spices? Day 1. Roast the world’s biggest leg of lamb. Day 2. Cut all of the remaining lamb from the bone Depending on the quantity, cook the following: Onion and garlic. When cooked through, add : the cut lamb (however you like – be fancy! :) minimum of … More Cheats Moroccan Lamb

Studio re-arrange!

It was a mammoth effort, but I left no box or pile unturned. I FOUND things I didn’t even know I had. how about that, eh? :) I LOVE my new admin area!  Am I going to be organised, or WHAT! :) It was just a cluttered mess; with things lying around that didn’t need … More Studio re-arrange!

On mothering…

I’ve been a mother for almost ten years now, and still most days feel like struggle-town. Not all the time: of course there are countless golden moments. But, I so often I think, I’m just not cut out for this!! why does it have to be so damn HARD?? Maybe if I’d had some professional … More On mothering…


I have declared today to be a “day off”. I am faced with a mountain of laundry which is the result of working solely on M&M during last week (I usually do a load of washing every other day). I also have a child home from school*, meaning the day is going to be full … More RDO

Botanical Gardens

Met up with Anna from MangoLime after school yesterday at the Botanical Gardens AMAZING playground.  So long since I’ve been there, but it’s one of my favourite places in Darwin.   There is a bunch of pictures here, that I took a year or so ago. After we snacked and the kids ran off to play, … More Botanical Gardens