New bag for ME :)

Continuing with the latest theme of quilting, embellishing and decorative stitches, I made this awesome bag for myself today! I’m totally inlove, of course :) Typical of my style, I made it up as I went along. Had I thought ahead, I would have made the closure flap an inch narrower, so that it fit … More New bag for ME :)

Patchwork totes

Maisie’s school bag met a sad, and unwelcome end – all because of a forgotten-about Easter boiled egg…. Hmmmm… LOL So rather than waste money on a crap made-in-China bag, I decided to make one for her… it’s so pretty and she absolutely loves it – she HUGGED it when I showed it to her. … More Patchwork totes

The book bags are done

If you want one, you’ll just have to go to St Andrews Market and buy a book (or three) from my friend Daisy. She will give you the bag for free!! :) In celebration of completing this project, the last bag was treated to a wee little doily :) Hooray!!

Book Bags for Daisy

LOL – please do excuse the shoddy sewing of the blue patch. I added that once I’d sewed the bag together – big mistake! :) Roomy enough for fat books :) Now I just need to find out if she wants one strap like this, or two.

Quickie bag

Making one was going to be quicker than finding another bag. A green shopping bag just wouldn’t cut it, going to a 7th birthday pool party! I just love it – and how simple it was to make! Just half a pillow case with a ready-made strap! Easy peasy! :)