New bag for ME :)

Continuing with the latest theme of quilting, embellishing and decorative stitches, I made this awesome bag for myself today! I’m totally inlove, of course :) Typical of my style, I made it up as I went along. Had I thought ahead, I would have made the closure flap an inch narrower, so that it fit … More New bag for ME :)

400 Fans giveaway

Wow…wasn’t I blown away to have a massive jump in fans like that, all because I politely asked you to suggest to friends. Thank you all SOOO much! For your chance to win either a custom twirl skirt like this, in your choice of colours… OR a custom pair of patchwork shorts, something like this… … More 400 Fans giveaway

Fugly enough?

What do you think? Hrmmmm…. in a pic it doesn’t actually look so bad. It’s the fugliest knits I have though (that Pooh Bear fabric – ICK!). I am planning an op shop spree on Thursday as I have plans for some thrifted tees… maybe I’ll find something fuglier there!! :)

Fugly :)

there’s a challenge on in the online art/design/sewing world, to turn ugly knits into something beautiful. Sounds like a lot of fun, so I’m in!! :) This is what Shari from Soren Lorensen Design came up with. I ADORE the embroidered fabric. haha…what is fugly to one, is not necessarily to another!! :) The Great … More Fugly :)

Dresses done

I love how the dresses turned out. I have three to list, plus the little skirt. Suddenly soooo tired. I wanted to use the afternoon to take photos of Lily in the bigger dresses, but I’m very tempted to have a lay down. I’m not going to though – I’m better off heading out to … More Dresses done

Bad sewing machine

Was on a roll making some beautiful little baby dresses, and about to start on another rainbow fleece skirt when my overlocker decided to be mean to me. No idea what it’s problem is! I fiddled with the tension as per book (why it suddenly doesn’t like 3, 3, 3, 3 ??), unthreaded it, cleaned, … More Bad sewing machine

New today

I had SUCH a fantastic day. Music, solitude, pretty fabric and my mind. I kept thinking: “I’m back.” Look what I made!!! :) ladies hippy/festival/market apron skirt S-M. I can’t begin to express how much fun I had making this!! It kept growing and growing and I absolutely LOVE it! :) Little patchy skirt. I’m … More New today

Quickie bag

Making one was going to be quicker than finding another bag. A green shopping bag just wouldn’t cut it, going to a 7th birthday pool party! I just love it – and how simple it was to make! Just half a pillow case with a ready-made strap! Easy peasy! :)