Bush therapy

bumping around and feeling slightly nervous about our updated suspension making some odd thumping sounds… … More Bush therapy


Botanical Gardens

Met up with Anna from MangoLime after school yesterday at the Botanical Gardens AMAZING playground.  So long since I’ve been there, but it’s one of my favourite places in Darwin.   There is a bunch of pictures here, that I took a year or so ago. After we snacked and the kids ran off to play, … More Botanical Gardens

Cardamom Chicken

Lovely Kirsty from Shop Room Studio is coming tomorrow to interview me! I think it’s such a huge honour that somebody finds me/my work interesting enough to get in their car, drive 115km, ask me questions, take photos and then go home and blog about it! I’m so EXCITED! :) She’s coming around lunchtime, so … More Cardamom Chicken

indigenous music

years, and years ago, when I worked for Darwin City Promotions, we were lucky enough to be gifted with sample music cd’s… to be played and piped through the Mall sound system… And we staged events, with bands to keep the locals entertained… there grew a love for indigenous and tribal music…and the didjeridu. One … More indigenous music