Worlds biggest procrastinator

Not working my paid job again today – last day of over 4 weeks of school holidays – so I really should be sewing. Have 4 pairs of pants *almost* finished, and then a beautifully busy and social weekend interrupted the flow :)

I am excited to finish them…esp a little pair of vintage fabric flares with a cool patch on the bum:

What do you think?

I did some reading yesterday on an etsy thread about “design theft”, which my friend (Jaemart) who steered me to the thread knows all too well that a lot of my designs were outright copied last year by a CUSTOMER of mine! (I know!! How rude) So I’m pretty protective of my work and it doesn’t take much to shake my confidence – hence my long hiatus last year after that whole awful time. I am also hugely respective of others work and the idea of anybody thinking that *I* am copying makes me cringe. So much so that I would often search for an item similar to what I was about to list – and if there was anything handmade even remotely like MINE, then I would hold off – for fear of looking like a copycat.

Anyway – I had a bad dream last night that I listed these pants on etsy and then saw another pair of vintage floral flares with the same circular patchy thing – only the other seller had hand embroidered a spiral stitch over. I’m too scared to look – what if there IS such a listing??? It isn’t as crazy as it sounds as Kate (Eviegreenpixie) and I have for years crossed over with our styles, and she’ll often make something that has been inside my head for months. So uncanny.

Oh, oops. I got on a little rant. What I meant to say was: I should be sewing but I’m suddenly feeling sleepy :)


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