Cardamom Chicken

Lovely Kirsty from Shop Room Studio is coming tomorrow to interview me! I think it’s such a huge honour that somebody finds me/my work interesting enough to get in their car, drive 115km, ask me questions, take photos and then go home and blog about it! I’m so EXCITED! :) She’s coming around lunchtime, so … More Cardamom Chicken

Fugly :)

there’s a challenge on in the online art/design/sewing world, to turn ugly knits into something beautiful. Sounds like a lot of fun, so I’m in!! :) This is what Shari from Soren Lorensen Design came up with. I ADORE the embroidered fabric. haha…what is fugly to one, is not necessarily to another!! :) The Great … More Fugly :)

My first giveaway!

Seems it’s the done thing, so I’m giving away a baby dress, over at The Veater Family Blog :) I’ve already posted their tinybabygirl her brand new dress so she can pose for some special photos, and am offering a free “butterfly dress” up to girls size 6. How fun!! :) You really should check … More My first giveaway!