5 things….

1. I love, love, love this time of year. I am so thankful to say goodbye to the clouds (much as I find them beautiful) and humidity for 5 months or so!!! I love to be able to do physical things without having to constantly back up with a shower or swim. I love not … More 5 things….

the sun came out, today

But only momentarily, as just out in the harbour were dark, looming monsoon clouds; meaning more blessed rain. Lots of locals are complaining of the rain. It’s certainly not without it’s disadvantages: washing lying around everywhere, mould growing on anything that isn’t getting AIR, little muddy tracks through the house, as we are always barefoot … More the sun came out, today

Glorious day

Oh it’s so beautiful outside today. Perfect blue skies, lovely sea breeze that drawing some pretty tunes from the windchimes… The girls are playing in their little fairy corner of the garden and I’m about to head in to sew – I have a custom order from one of my favourite customers – can’t keep … More Glorious day


the above picture is NOT here :) I’m reading and hearing lots about pots of soup simmering and winter layers coming out of storage. Here in the tropical Top End we have two seasons: the Wet and the Dry (though the Aboriginal calendar has a LOT more – remind me to post that someday). But … More Autumn