Best Kale breakfast

On Mondays, I treat myself to not leaving the house.  The idea is to chirp, create and drift from 9-5, no interruptions. My children walk or bus to school and home again.  It really does feel very freeing and I encourage you to implement something similar: if bus/walking aren’t options, tee up a pick up/drop off one day … More Best Kale breakfast

9 months

That is how long it’s been since my last blog post!!   It’s been niggling away that it’s “been a while”, but I didn’t think THAT long.  I could have conceived a child, gained 30kg and popped a baby out (as you do), in that time.   Nothing like that, of course… My lovely girls and I … More 9 months

one-on-one time

We’re having a very slooowww  weekend.  My man has been out at work, fixing/updating the suspension in our 4WD, and I’ve been flopping about with some sinus/suspected cold, doing not much at all! I had zero energy yesterday, but the way things worked out, I was lucky enough to have some one-on-one time with both of … More one-on-one time