Patchwork totes

Maisie’s school bag met a sad, and unwelcome end – all because of a forgotten-about Easter boiled egg…. Hmmmm… LOL So rather than waste money on a crap made-in-China bag, I decided to make one for her… it’s so pretty and she absolutely loves it – she HUGGED it when I showed it to her. … More Patchwork totes

Dresses done

I love how the dresses turned out. I have three to list, plus the little skirt. Suddenly soooo tired. I wanted to use the afternoon to take photos of Lily in the bigger dresses, but I’m very tempted to have a lay down. I’m not going to though – I’m better off heading out to … More Dresses done

High honour

I was featured on Etsy’s front page with other Etsy DUSTers on the weekend! Was for only a few hours and I missed the actual screen shot, BUT I did find this in the vault. When I was lucky enough to see it (and I thank the lovely Linda from JaEmArt for alerting me!! xx) … More High honour

I love recycling!

My love of recycling fabric and repurposing clothing doesn’t end with what may be thrifted, or donated by my beloved friends and family. It also extends to MY OWN creations!! :) Before: During: as for after: well, that all depends on what sleeves I decide to give it :) In other exciting news, I received … More I love recycling!

fruits of my labour

top (my fave) lounge/yoga pants batik pants The pants are both Size 3ish – a size too small for Maisie. Need a smaller model ;) . haven’t touched the bags. Will try and get those finished off tonight. Cooking a roast chicken tonight. Mmmm…… :)

New today

I had SUCH a fantastic day. Music, solitude, pretty fabric and my mind. I kept thinking: “I’m back.” Look what I made!!! :) ladies hippy/festival/market apron skirt S-M. I can’t begin to express how much fun I had making this!! It kept growing and growing and I absolutely LOVE it! :) Little patchy skirt. I’m … More New today

Lola skirt

“Listening to Copacabana, (“her name was Lola, she was a showgirl…” and then this skirt happened :)You know, sometimes the less thought that goes into a new design or garment, the better!!”