Zips are DANGEROUS!!! SEE??? However.  I pushed on and on and have become quite accomplished at making spunky zippered pouches.  Once I clear customs (I keep saying that!!), I want to play around with shapes etc..     Note use of text stitching to temporarily solve labeling issues… :) Today, I was making a ladies … More Zips

beautiful feedback

This might be my favourite comment ever: “…he has received them and loves them and wears them a lot. My mother was trying to convince him to save them for special occasions so he has something nice to wear, but he said pish posh to that. He said “They’re very well made. I am wearing … More beautiful feedback

New skirt

That beautiful chocolate mouse coloured fabric I bought today is already my brand new skirt. I simply traced one of my favourite batik skirts, and sewed in an indigo/black dotty stretchy waist band, with hot pink zig-zag feature stitching all over. (ugh – such a dodgy pic, but you get the idea! :) It’s insanely … More New skirt

three new tops

‘scuse the dodgy pics – lil bit too late in the day. Lil’s. Though I wasn’t sold on the fabric she chose, she adores the top. It definitely too short. I guess she is 7 now, so a size 5 pattern won’t do :) Maisie’s. She loved the spotted top I made the other day … More three new tops

New today

I had SUCH a fantastic day. Music, solitude, pretty fabric and my mind. I kept thinking: “I’m back.” Look what I made!!! :) ladies hippy/festival/market apron skirt S-M. I can’t begin to express how much fun I had making this!! It kept growing and growing and I absolutely LOVE it! :) Little patchy skirt. I’m … More New today

Lola skirt

“Listening to Copacabana, (“her name was Lola, she was a showgirl…” and then this skirt happened :)You know, sometimes the less thought that goes into a new design or garment, the better!!”

New :)

♥ “Little Nanna” :) Size 2 3 4 Size 1 flares And now, making something from the top three fabrics in the photo below: