I wish I was a better blogger. I also wish I had more of a routine with my work, blogging, book-keeping etc. I know. Repetitive, much? :)

Aren’t my orchids beautiful? :)

I’ve been spending some slow hours this morning with a pot of coffee and reading some blogs. So many wonderful people in this world, isn’t there?

Things have been quiet on the M&M front as I have been quietly working behind the scenes on a fun collaboration with Soren Lorensen Design. . All will be revealed soon.

In personal news, my man is off on Friday 10 June for approximately 2 months. I’m feeling rather anxious about being a solo mum for all that time. But I know that if I keep busy and endeavour to be present with the girls, it will all flow nicely. It’s when I try to resist what is actually happening that it gets hard.

We are meant to be going with the Sea Scouts on a family camp next long weekend. I’m looking forward to it in many respects, but anxiety is starting to win over me and I’m finding reasons to not go: such as finding a friend to have Panda (our dog) for a sleep-over, not really having the money to pay for it… that’s about it, really :) Sometimes I can talk myself out of my own anxiety but I’m not seeming to be able to lately.

The camp is being held on the Greek Glenti long weekend, and Maisie has been invited to a party. It could be a nice fun weekend if we stay here, too. Hmm..

6 thoughts on “Ramblings…

  1. Sending some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses my lovely. Apparently the best way to be a better blogger is to simply blog :) I have been told that a similar approach would help me towards being a better sewer.

  2. No Nikki, never be repetitive with a routine. We love you as you are. Spontaneous. Variety is the spice of life. We love your Blog page too.

  3. I am just on the tail end of my solo Mum stint and it has been far from easy …. BUT I have done it and you will too. Your mention of anxiety also hit a very personal cord for me at the moment ….. xxx Beautiful personal post xxx

    1. how long has it been? there is so much of it going on these days.. absent lovers, absent fathers.. makes life very difficult and unbalanced.

      having said that, I don’t mind a couple of weeks – in fact, I enjoy it for a while! :)

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