M&M/SLD collaboration

I am so excited to release (today hopefully!) the first of the lovely skirts I have made in collaboration with Shari.


Here is a little sneak peek… I wonder if you can figure out what they’ll actually be?  Hints:  patchwork (of course!), exposed serging (of course!), bright and colourful (OF COURSE!)  :)


In other news on the home front:  my man left early this morning for his 2-month long work trip.  maybe/maybe not a break at the end of June to come home for a few days.   Mid-July, the girls and I are flying to Queensland to spend some time with Danny’s mum who has been through the rounds this year with chemo & radiation to treat her cancer.  It will be so great to share the joyful gift of my beautiful girls with her.  Then 2 days with my good friend in Mooloolaba.  It’s important to have something to look forward to!

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