Sometimes we just need to stop.

  The electrician came this morning to fix our silly washing machine.  His presence kept me from the studio… I enjoyed my online time but felt like a “bored housewife on facebook” while he was here!  LOL  Suddenly it was 11am, tummy growling, so I reheated some left over curry (recipe: I’ve given into … More Sometimes we just need to stop.


I’ve been reading this fantastic book from the Library, “The Stress Free Home: Beautiful Interiors for Serenity and Harmonious Living”. Full of inspiration and how to make our homes feel more relaxing, and putting rooms to good use. Our lounge room, since we bought our new Teak tv cabinet last year, has been awkwardly arranged … More Sunday…

5 things….

1. I love, love, love this time of year. I am so thankful to say goodbye to the clouds (much as I find them beautiful) and humidity for 5 months or so!!! I love to be able to do physical things without having to constantly back up with a shower or swim. I love not … More 5 things….


I’m questioning everything in my life, lately. It feels that quite suddenly lots of things feel wrong… eg: I don’t want to work anymore. Not unless it’s school hours, I don’t have to work during school holidays and my work is worthwhile. All I really want to do is sew for the family and sell … More Rearranging

rearranging furniture

I used to be obsessive about rearranging furniture, but somehow I have spaces that are really quite awkward – such as my lounge room. It’s really a difficult space – front door opens into it, windows on one side, dining room on other, built in bookshelf, and we own a massive, impractical tv unit that … More rearranging furniture