I’ll never lose your touch

She was standing so close behind me that I could feel what was undoubtedly her brightly flowing skirt, swishing across my calves.

A voice of the earth, deep but softly crooning, talking of what I imagined to be sacred things with her friend. I felt suddenly overwhelmed with emotion, and deeply connected with all around me. That voice seemed to tell me: “You aren’t done yet, sister. But if you must go, you will always belong here.” I stood in that line for 20 minutes, alternately fighting back tears and the urge to run out and weep against the side of the building.

I will be leaving part of my heart behind when I move into this next phase of my life-journey. I may well be over the zapping heat and doing everything with a sticky layer of sweat, but I will always maintain a connection with this most amazing part of the world.


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