Botanical Gardens

Met up with Anna from MangoLime after school yesterday at the Botanical Gardens AMAZING playground.  So long since I’ve been there, but it’s one of my favourite places in Darwin.   There is a bunch of pictures here, that I took a year or so ago. After we snacked and the kids ran off to play, … More Botanical Gardens

M&M/SLD collaboration

I am so excited to release (today hopefully!) the first of the lovely skirts I have made in collaboration with Shari.   Here is a little sneak peek… I wonder if you can figure out what they’ll actually be?  Hints:  patchwork (of course!), exposed serging (of course!), bright and colourful (OF COURSE!)  :)   In … More M&M/SLD collaboration

400 Fans giveaway

Wow…wasn’t I blown away to have a massive jump in fans like that, all because I politely asked you to suggest to friends. Thank you all SOOO much! For your chance to win either a custom twirl skirt like this, in your choice of colours… OR a custom pair of patchwork shorts, something like this… … More 400 Fans giveaway

Patchwork totes

Maisie’s school bag met a sad, and unwelcome end – all because of a forgotten-about Easter boiled egg…. Hmmmm… LOL So rather than waste money on a crap made-in-China bag, I decided to make one for her… it’s so pretty and she absolutely loves it – she HUGGED it when I showed it to her. … More Patchwork totes


before I even got into the sewing room today, we: ate breakfast tidied the house AGAIN walked to the shop stopped at the playground on the way back picked lots of flowers girls had a swim, I watered the garden and checked on seedlings made and ate lunch napped (rather, I tried to but was … More Patchwork

A book bag for me

  I had so much fun making the book bags for Daisy!  While I waited to hear from her regarding the straps, I decided to make one for myself.  Now that i know what I’m doing, they come together really quickly.  It’s a good brain challenge, too! :)