One month on…

If I thought I had been on an insightful journey a month ago, that was nothing to the one I am now on. The biggest surprise to me following separating from my partner was ‘falling into’ some amazing books and learning how to become more soul conscious, how to separate the ego/personality from soul, becoming … More One month on…

New bag for ME :)

Continuing with the latest theme of quilting, embellishing and decorative stitches, I made this awesome bag for myself today! I’m totally inlove, of course :) Typical of my style, I made it up as I went along. Had I thought ahead, I would have made the closure flap an inch narrower, so that it fit … More New bag for ME :)

A box of scraps

arrived from the amazing Shari from Soren Lorensen Design. Pure JOY, sifting through the riot of colours and oh-so-soft cottons in the box. Inspiration overload! It’s really a very exciting thing to receive fabric that I wouldn’t necessarily buy myself, but suddenly when it’s all in front of you, the ideas come pouring in. After … More A box of scraps

5 things….

1. I love, love, love this time of year. I am so thankful to say goodbye to the clouds (much as I find them beautiful) and humidity for 5 months or so!!! I love to be able to do physical things without having to constantly back up with a shower or swim. I love not … More 5 things….

rock hopping

Lily and I decided to go for an impromptu walk on the beach this morning – only the tide was so high it would have been a very short walk. So we climbed around the beautiful powdery rocks instead, with the water lapping up against them. I love the plinky plonk sounds. I realised, as … More rock hopping