Best Kale breakfast

On Mondays, I treat myself to not leaving the house.  The idea is to chirp, create and drift from 9-5, no interruptions. My children walk or bus to school and home again.  It really does feel very freeing and I encourage you to implement something similar: if bus/walking aren’t options, tee up a pick up/drop off one day … More Best Kale breakfast

Cheats Moroccan Lamb

Got left-over lamb?  Chick peas?  A few eastern spices? Day 1. Roast the world’s biggest leg of lamb. Day 2. Cut all of the remaining lamb from the bone Depending on the quantity, cook the following: Onion and garlic. When cooked through, add : the cut lamb (however you like – be fancy! :) minimum of … More Cheats Moroccan Lamb

Cardamom Chicken

Lovely Kirsty from Shop Room Studio is coming tomorrow to interview me! I think it’s such a huge honour that somebody finds me/my work interesting enough to get in their car, drive 115km, ask me questions, take photos and then go home and blog about it! I’m so EXCITED! :) She’s coming around lunchtime, so … More Cardamom Chicken

So tired…

I feel like I hardly slept last night. Had a mad-busy day yesterday – sewing & being a domestic goddess (see great pumpkin curry recipe below). Preparing Etsy listings until 10pm last night.. then to bed for some reading. Was falling asleep, so switched off the lamp and rolled over. Then lay there all flighty … More So tired…