All done!!

garden view. Originally uploaded by monsoonsandmangoes I absolutely love my new space!! I still want some wall shelving near my ironing board, as it tends to get cluttered with pin cushions, Very Useful Scraps and everything in between…. BUT. walking in… it feels amazing :) can’t wait to mess it all up now. yes, more … More All done!!


There’s a BLUE room, like the one I am moving into. Gee…where are all the google results? I swear I’ve searched before and found oodles…. hmm… maybe it’s a sign to stop looking at pictures and actually start MOVING! LOL

room swapping…

I know I’ve banged on a bit about my creative space…and posted pics of spaces I *love*. like this one…. How I would love a space like that!!! I try, but it’s about having enough space, and places to put things!! Anyway…. Today I’m moving! Monsoons & Mangoes currently occupies the spare bedroom in the … More room swapping…

Creative space

Mine is a disaster. In the rush to get back into sewing after my 8 month break (can hardly believe I had such a LONG break!), I didn’t put any thought into setting up my space, except perhaps, colour-sorting my stash :) I wanted the table in front of the window, and the ironing board … More Creative space