Best Kale breakfast

On Mondays, I treat myself to not leaving the house.  The idea is to chirp, create and drift from 9-5, no interruptions. My children walk or bus to school and home again.  It really does feel very freeing and I encourage you to implement something similar: if bus/walking aren’t options, tee up a pick up/drop off one day a week from a fellow school Mum. Take turns.

I am meant to be finishing off a custom patchwork skirt, but I need to tell you all about my breakfast and what’s going on in my garden, first!!  :)


My garden smells richly of compost and the subtle sweetness of early Spring, and is a daily reminder of the most simple blessings.
Tuscan Kale.  It is an absolute cinch to grow, and I think it tastes amazing with just about anything.  It’s flavour is delicate, yet earthy and kind of a cross between broccoli and spinach… but not really.

Russian Kale flowerRussian Kale ready to flower

P1030852Tuscan kale flower

I’m excited that my six kale plants have been an endless source of food for months, and are now starting to flower.  I could anxiously remove them and plant more but I’m going to let them seed and grow. While I wait for that process, I’ll have to plant some mature seedlings so I don’t have to do without! :)



Kale, bacon and yellow rice
1 bunch kale
2 rashers bacon
1C basmati rice
1/4 tsp turmeric
Chilli pickle

Steam 1C basmati rice with turmeric.
While that’s doing it’s thing, saute roughly chopped bacon.
Chop kale and add to the bacon.  Stir through, and remove from the heat if your rice isn’t quite done.
Mix the rice through your kale and bacon mix and add some chilli pickle – this particular brand, 1/2tsp is enough for a lovely tangy bite.

P1030847Bonus photo: my cauliflower that’s preparing to set seed.  Isn’t it lovely??  :)


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