Botanical Gardens

Met up with Anna from MangoLime after school yesterday at the Botanical Gardens AMAZING playground.  So long since I’ve been there, but it’s one of my favourite places in Darwin.   There is a bunch of pictures here, that I took a year or so ago. After we snacked and the kids ran off to play, … More Botanical Gardens

So much for being organised~

Remember my genius new way of keeping custom orders in check? So much for that. Somehow my inbox is flooded with customs, and only 3 actually written up on cards & pegged to the board. Hmmm… Book keeping? All it takes is a little time each week, but I’m MONTHS behind. Again :(

beautiful feedback

This might be my favourite comment ever: “…he has received them and loves them and wears them a lot. My mother was trying to convince him to save them for special occasions so he has something nice to wear, but he said pish posh to that. He said “They’re very well made. I am wearing … More beautiful feedback

The book bags are done

If you want one, you’ll just have to go to St Andrews Market and buy a book (or three) from my friend Daisy. She will give you the bag for free!! :) In celebration of completing this project, the last bag was treated to a wee little doily :) Hooray!!