Being more organised

I’ve always used a notebook to track custom orders. Once the order is confirmed in email, I transfer the details to a book and work from that. It’s a good enough system until I need measurements, so then I have to go back to the order book to check, and I then write the measurements or other details onto scrap paper, then pin or peg the note to whatever is hanging in front of me at the time. Lately it’s been some fabric strips that I tie around my parcels.

I decided the other day that I wanted to try an old-fashioned card system. This will have some extra advantages:
– As cards will be filed alphabetically, I can retrieve a customer’s card in a moment, which will have history, measurements, special discounts offered, etc…
– For current orders, I can have the relevant customer cards all pinned in front of me, and I can re-prioritise if need to, by rearranging on whatever they are pinned to…
– I can see at a glance how many orders I have ahead, and also how many “custom slots” I can offer if I choose to.

Not a spare pin board in sight! So I decided I’d try out the Peg it Up kit that I bought from Another Donkey Design during a recent flood auction. Um… of course suction caps don’t work on walls!

Lily was home sick, and her brilliant mind was working perfectly… As soon as I said, “I need glass!”, she suggested hanging a picture in that spot, and attaching Peg it Up kit to it! GENIUS!!

Love comforts like sunshine after rain

Indeed it does, but this picture doesn’t inspire me one little bit!

Voila!  Eco-friendly notice board!!!   Isn’t it *beautiful* and you can hardly see where I broke the glass in my haste to remove the backing board!! :)

I used the last of my favourite ever fabric and have preserved it in a beautiful way – now I can enjoy it every day while I’m being super-organised! :)


10 thoughts on “Being more organised

  1. Great work Nikki and i love how you have incorporated your favourite fabric too. It’s funny i am currently thinking of ways to display my pegs at markets and i came up with the same idea of picture frames too!
    Nice work and thanks so much for including my pegs!

  2. That’s a great idea Nik, I always remember you being well organised when we worked together. xo :)

    1. I still am! Fellow creative types out there would probably cringe at the way I neatly fold even the smallest scraps of fabric & file them by colour straight after most projects! LOL I just can’t function in chaos! :)

      though… usually when I do “let go” a bit and leave a some fabric laying around, invariably I like the way it merges together and it ends up SOMETHING :)

  3. Oh Nikki,
    I absolutely adore this system!! I totally need to use this as inspiration :)
    Wanna come help me get organised? lol
    Jess xoxox

    1. Aww… I love to inspire! :)
      I highly recommend it!! even though today is Day 1, I just know it’s going to be fabulous :)

      It cost me $35 for the cards, index and box… quite a bit more than I expected, but.. it’s going to be worth it :)

      and I’d love to help you get organised! remind me where you are, again? :)

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