5 things….

1. I love, love, love this time of year. I am so thankful to say goodbye to the clouds (much as I find them beautiful) and humidity for 5 months or so!!! I love to be able to do physical things without having to constantly back up with a shower or swim. I love not sweating!!!!! I love the particular *sparkle* the sun and leaves have to them, and the dancing leaves and dragonflies.

How sad – it’s quicker to google for a photo than to find one of our own! Credit where credit is due: go check out this guy’s flickr, as he is rather brilliant! :)

2. The bougainvillea seems late, this year. I have some small plants growing, but not flowering yet. The roadsides aren’t spashed with vivid fuscia and purple. Soon though, as I saw a lush bunch near my Mum’s place this morning. I’ll pick some and post a photo soon… (hmm…interesting: i was already picking bougainvillea this time last year!

3. Aside from the ‘needless-to-say’ well-being aspects of working at something that I love, I now have the time to walk daily. I had it before, but not when *I* wanted to. So now, I drop the girls at school and after “puzzle time” at pre-school, I walk or drive to my Mum’s and we go for a walk. They have outdoor “gyms” along the foreshore and we’ve been using some of those for some extra exercise. Tell you what – it AMAZES me at the body’s ability to BOUNCE BACK! Since I went back to a “real job” 2 years ago, I have done basically nothing in the way of exercise, plus I quit smoking just over a year ago (again!) and slowly but surely gained about 15 kg. I haven’t “lost” any weight yet, but I’m loving how my body is shaping up already, and feeling so much stronger – really for not a lot of effort. Of course, the sun, fresh air and extra water I’m drinking is giving me a very healthy glow, so YAY! :)

4. The garden. Along with the dryer weather, comes a burst of activity in the garden. The desire to plant seeds & watch them grow. To have the energy to pick up a hoe and take to the garden beds & rid them of matted palm-tree roots. To snap cuttings on my morning walks, knowing that I will actually be bothered to plant them! Looking forward to planting some “potted colour” with the girls on Mother’s Day…

5. Mothers Day… I’ll take & post photos on Sunday, but Maisie has made me the sweetest things at pre-school and daycare, and the girls will make my coffee, with vegemite on toast – brought to me in bed, of course.

I am blessed.

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