New bag for ME :)

Continuing with the latest theme of quilting, embellishing and decorative stitches, I made this awesome bag for myself today! I’m totally inlove, of course :)

Typical of my style, I made it up as I went along. Had I thought ahead, I would have made the closure flap an inch narrower, so that it fit nicely between the side straps. This is how we learn, isn’t it? :)

I love the butterflies beneath.

Isn’t it lovely! The front pocket just so happens to be perfect-sized for business cards! What a handy little spot to keep them for whenever people ask me, “Where did you get your FABULOUS bag??” :)

12 thoughts on “New bag for ME :)

  1. Gorgeousness!! It almost looks like a little house with a roof, window and door. Or mabye I look at the world differently?! The colours are sensational; and yes the best way to learn is through trial and error, I concur!

  2. Very amazingly lovely Nikki, I still use mine, it gets a bit of a work out.. When it’s looking tired I pop it in the wash and make it comes out all fresh and new again… Love it : )

    1. Thanks Barb!! I love it too. I am going to have to buy a heap more of this, as it’s become a true favourite – like that tiny snip of the butterfly fabric on the front! Nobody seems to be able to find me any of that, much to my disappointment :(

  3. Wonderfull! I absolutely love the fabrics you use, and the combinations. I can never fond such great colours and designs on fabrics I buy.
    Great job!

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