Byron Hinterland getaway

I am back from a blessed 5 days staying at my friend’s place in Clunes, NSW.  It’s in the gorgeous rolling green hills up behind Byron Bay.

A newfound paradise for me.



It was so incredible to take a break without being burnt-out.  I was in holiday mode from the very beginning, and was grateful that I wasn’t needing days to unwind :)


My friends’ parents have a handful of these gorgeous Galway cows on their property.  This little babe isn’t doing so well, as he doesn’t seem to have the knack for feeding. If you’re the praying type – he could use a few!  xx


In between all of the beautiful rural moments was Bec’s 40th birthday party. An amazing woman who has an abundance of amazing friends.  Such a great time!!


Living in Darwin where it’s very laid-back and casual, the opportunity to “dress up” doesn’t happen too often!  It was so fun to “frock up” with some of my best friends! :)

I wore a vintage dress and turquoise taffeta heels that were quite the hit!  One little girl grabbed my leg and pulled my foot right up to her face so she could have a really close look! :)


A highlight for many of us was the meeting/reunion of a group of women who have been journalling together for ten years!   We enjoyed trying to explain to people how we could be SO close, though some of us had never met before.    No party pics here, as they are privately reserved for our journal playground :)


Bec took me up to Crystal Castle – a lovely ‘retreat’ type tourist attraction.  Couldn’t resist buying some crystals and gifts :)  Loved the beautiful grounds – very serene and magical.


Then we went to the beach.  I feel an absolute FOOL for not knowing how beautiful and SWIMMABLE the beach would be, and leaving my swimmers at home.   It’s ok though, as I know I’ll be back!


The Pass, Byron Bay


4 thoughts on “Byron Hinterland getaway

  1. Hi Melissa! :) thanks for popping in!
    My holiday was bliss! It is fast becoming a distant memory now, which is unfortunate. Hopefully within a year I’ll be living closer to that corner of the world :)

    I am sure we’ll meet soon! I look forward to it :)

    Nikki xo

  2. Hi Nikki! ive been meaning to pop in and say G’day. Your dresses and clothes are gorgeous, and i love your turquoise heels! Byron Bay looks like a nice little spot. I hope to say Hi in person sometime soon! x

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