The most beautiful and eloquent words…

that I have ever received for one of my products. This is from the beautiful Michelle (Bohemianism – the divine jewellery I keep raving about!) ♥

I was moved to tears by what she said!!

    “There is nothing to be underestimated about the glorious feeling of acquiring an original design that you know nobody else owns. I received such a thing in my hot little letterbox this morning. The treasure came delicately wrapped within spiced toned paper, bound with equally warm and earthy handmade ribbon. Within MY bag, the one I will never see pass me by on the street in another’s hands and what a luxurious creation it is!

    Perfectly cut patches in tones so alluring that my eyes wander continuously, admiring deeply. A textural delight boasting aspen branches, ocean swirls, tidy little clamshells, decadent damask like chandeliers and a flourish of floral goodness. Washes of vibrant blues, greens, oranges, purples and reds kept in fine balance by olives, browns, pinks and cream. Inside the magic strengthens as I realize this satchel is reversible for more neutral days, feminine floral fabrics in honey, beige, pink and lilac with a complimentary and very handy pocket of chocolate corduroy, Oceania toned cottons and a divine purple and white stitched embellishment.

    I am still catching my breath and can’t recommend these custom bags any higher, the quality in construction speaks volumes, the variation in stitching is as decorative as the vintage fabrics and added extras such as hidden pockets and a generous flap closure that can be securely tied down make this an amazing and well thought out design. A must have lust have pampering gift for all of us ladies!

    Thanks a million Nikki, you are a pure genius xxxx


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