New today

I had SUCH a fantastic day. Music, solitude, pretty fabric and my mind. I kept thinking: “I’m back.”

Look what I made!!! :)

ladies hippy/festival/market apron skirt S-M. I can’t begin to express how much fun I had making this!! It kept growing and growing and I absolutely LOVE it! :)

Little patchy skirt. I’m *loving* the strips. totally random, and fun to see the end result. This was originally going to be a ruffle skirt but I loved the strips so much that I didn’t want them to be ‘lost’ in ruffles.

This is a little apron skirt.

Cute dress huh. If only it was a squidge bigger so I could keep it for Maisie! I guess that’s the drawback of “freehand” sewing – I don’t often know the size until I measure it afterwards :)


3 thoughts on “New today

  1. I love these. Whimsical, sweet and yet somehow not *too* frilly. I feel a desperate need for a ladies hippy/festival/market apron skirt.

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