400 Fans giveaway

Wow…wasn’t I blown away to have a massive jump in fans like that, all because I politely asked you to suggest to friends. Thank you all SOOO much!

For your chance to win either a custom twirl skirt like this, in your choice of colours…

Colourful twirl skirt

OR a custom pair of patchwork shorts, something like this…

boys patchwork shorts, Size 4

Just leave a comment with your answers – as best you can!!

1. What year was the label Monsoons & Mangoes established?
2. What is my favourite colour?
3. Where did I grow up?
4. In what industry was I most recently working, before resigning to do M&M fulltime?
5. Where am I going on holidays in September?


29 thoughts on “400 Fans giveaway

  1. 1. 2006
    2.All bright & vivid colours-indigo/blues, magenta/reds & pinks, greens, yellows/oranges, purples etc
    5.Yeppoon QLD
    Hope I did better this time:)

  2. 1 – As soon as you realised how creative you are (so nice)
    2 – Whatever you are sewing at the time
    3 – Across the ocean
    4 – TTe with the most dynamic accounts person EVER !!!!!
    5 – Another holiday !!!! You do know you live in Darwin
    6 – Pick yourself up off the floor – it really is me responding

  3. 1. 2007 (just you & Kevin)
    2. Peach
    3. Growing up is optional & my guess is you opted out!
    4. 1800 CALL ME (What are you wearing? Well tonight I have on a custom made patch-work twirl skirt made from gorgeous vintage fabric …..)
    5. Batchelor Butterfly Farm

  4. I also only discovered you this evening BUT at a guess …
    1} When you were a girl and a fairy of creativity bit you on the finger in a garden full of roses
    2} A lighter shade of teal – as that was the colour of the fairy’s dress
    3} A seaside village not far from Neverland
    4} A fairyfloss vendor
    5} Why fairytopia of course

    In all seriousness absolutely gorgeous products and your use of vintage fabrics is simply divine :0} So glad to have found you via Georgie Girl’s page :0}

  5. So I have’nt got a clue! As I just found you today on Facebook…..
    1. In the womb…
    2.Old lady purple rinse
    3.Memphis, Tennessee
    4.Music industry….Elvis, Dolly Parton, Michael Jackson impersonator (well thats what I heard?)
    5.Lego land in Germany!!!!!whoo hoooo!

  6. 1. 2007
    2. Blue, a nice pretty blue like sye blue
    3. Chilly Tassie
    4. tiourism marketing
    5 Yeppoon

    My second guesses lol

  7. 1. 2006
    2. Sea blue
    3. Tasmania
    4. Tourism consultant ( I believe you also featured in an advert to promote Catherine for Imparja tv)
    5. Northern Queensland to visit Danny’s family

  8. 1 2006
    2 all colours – how could there be one when each one speaks a tune all of its own. – if i HAD to narrow it down – rainbow colours stand out to you the most. – but don’t forget the colours of the sunset, or coastal land – ha-ha – yep just go back to all. :)
    3 Melbourne
    4 tourism promotions
    5 Cairns

  9. 1. Although Monsoons and Mangoes has been pumping through your heart and soul for a lifetime the official label was established in 2007.

    2. I would say your fave colour is a hue of blue, reminiscent of the ocean.

    3. You sprouted in Melbourne and then spent your days growing from a toddler to a young adult in the Huon Valley, Tasmania after which you migrated to Darwin.

    4. Before pursuing Monsoons and Mangoes as a full time adventure you were a PA for a tourism organization called Tourism Top End.

    5. You are heading off for a much deserved holiday to Northern Queensland

  10. 1) 2006 (Yay!)
    2) Indigo
    3) You grew up in lovely Tasmania
    4) marketing? I seriously searched facebook for ages for this one and all I kept finding was references to your “real work” bahahaha!
    5) Yepoon

  11. 1. 2006
    2. ocean blue/green
    3. Tasmania
    4. telemarketer
    5. Cairns (sp?) I went there on holiday once. It was absolutely amazing! I even went scuba diving and have the tape to prove it lol.

  12. OK, I don’t know the answers but apparently everyone else does!! :) I’m not going to copy them because they are quite obviously right, but want to wish you good luck on your giveaway!! xoxoxox

  13. 1.2006
    5.Yeppoon QLD
    You are a joy to follow & I absolutely love your creativity & freshness of spirit. I will be ordering a couple of layered skirts from you in the spring if that is ok for my grand girls:)

  14. 1.2006
    2. Purple
    3. Tasmania
    5. Yeppoon (I have been there and that is why I think I remember you mentioning it)

  15. 1. 2006
    2. Purple
    3. Tasmania (most beautiful place on earth :))
    4. Telesales, Holiday Marketing
    5. Cairns

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