Botanical Gardens

Met up with Anna from MangoLime after school yesterday at the Botanical Gardens AMAZING playground.  So long since I’ve been there, but it’s one of my favourite places in Darwin.   There is a bunch of pictures here, that I took a year or so ago.

After we snacked and the kids ran off to play, we caught up on the happenings in the worlds of MangoLime and Monsoons & Mangoes, and then took some photos of some recent work…  Always so worth the effort as clothing looks best on people! :)

For sale @ Etsy

Next, I twirled and twirled and… got very DIZZY trying to capture the beauty of this awesome patchwork skirt!

WHOA!  Reminded me of drinking two-buck-chuck when I was 16, and spinning on the beach…

Anna & all the kids

Then it was time to leave…  after some carry-on from my eldest about carrying a bag (with her running shoes in it), and one last turn in the maze, and a clamber over the rocks… we said our farewells and headed home.

Getting out of the car, Lily asked, “Where’s the blue bag…?”  OH NO!  Left behind at the maze.  I was absolutely furious!!   Amidst much ranting and raving from me, we drove all the way back (well, only 20mins, but that’s a LONG way to a Darwinite!) and sure enough – the bag was well and truly gone.  Home again, amidst lots of tears from Lily.  I’m about to cal the Bot Gdns office and the Darwin City Council to see if the bag might have been handed in.  Cross fingers, for us.


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