Bush therapy

I had the opportunity to have an extra day to myself yesterday, with my family off on a 4WD adventure. I opted to join them as I already spend enough time at home! :)

Invited by a friend, we joined in with a local Darwin 4WD club, to traverse some very bumpy tracks we’d not previously explored. There was a dirt bike competition on which had closed off some of the tracks, so we ended up on what is a now familiar track, past our secret camping spot and way beyond it. SO fun. It was mostly a day spent in the car, bumping around and feeling slightly nervous about our updated suspension making some odd thumping sounds…

Being part of a convoy was a new experience. I have to say that it was a great feeling of security, all looking out for one another, communicating about the track etc via radio.

I gave up trying to take photos without our big windscreen crack! too hard when you’re bumping along :)

The weather was insanely hot and humid – a real taste of what we’re in for over the next few months before the rains properly come!

Home at the end of the day, tired but so satisfied after a long, fun day with old and new friends.


2 thoughts on “Bush therapy

    1. It was just what the doctor ordered! :) We’ve managed to get out of town a few times this dry… That and the walking to school (and success at school) has kept this year relatively stress-free. I highly recommend it :)

      See you this arv xo

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