indigenous music

years, and years ago, when I worked for Darwin City Promotions, we were lucky enough to be gifted with sample music cd’s… to be played and piped through the Mall sound system…

And we staged events, with bands to keep the locals entertained…

there grew a love for indigenous and tribal music…and the didjeridu. One of my all-time favourites would have to be Drum Drum. Mostly a lovely PNG family, the “Ingrams”, who played beautiful music, with – you guessed it – drums. Not the “drum kit” kind of drum, but TRIBAL drums; LOG drums. Drum Drum in concert was a wonder to behold. The songs were stories, quite dramatic, and unforgettable. I still remember, and it’s 9 years since I first saw them in 2001.

Not long after that, we had Saltwater Band and Nabarlek at the Arafura Games …. um..”do” in the City (long ago – I forget what it was!!). The music and atmosphere was AMAZING!!! alive, electric, everybody, from you and I, Indigenous, itinerant and beyond, all dancing and SMILING together, palm to palm. I’ll never forget it. But I [perhaps] regret that moment where I walked away instead of staying to dance. but anyway…

Then we have Gurrumul Yunipingu. A friend gave me his solo CD a while back and I was suprised to learn that he was the lead of Saltwater Band! I felt silly for not knowing. How could I not???

All of this beautiful, indigenous, tribal music is what I listen to when I sew. Of COURSE there is more, but tonight I’m just talking about these wonderful bands, and my personal experiences.

If you’re interested in sampling or buying some of your own amazing Australian music, then visit Skinny Fish Music.


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