one-on-one time

We’re having a very slooowww  weekend.  My man has been out at work, fixing/updating the suspension in our 4WD, and I’ve been flopping about with some sinus/suspected cold, doing not much at all! I had zero energy yesterday, but the way things worked out, I was lucky enough to have some one-on-one time with both of … More one-on-one time

So little time!

And I haven’t even Facebooked today!  That says a lot, considering my Facebook obsession! I came to my blog 106 minutes ago (I timed by the dishwasher), to write a blog post.  Now I have a pretty new layout – what do you think?? :) I have SO much I want to write about – … More So little time!

So much for that :)

Listening to:  John Butler Trio – Good Excuse Wow, it’s been sooo long (I keep saying that!). The market was a flop.  Whether it wasn’t the right market for Monsoons & Mangoes, or down to position or lack of stock, I’ll never really know.   In the days following I felt very defeated by it all … More So much for that :)

New direction…

Early in the year, I wrote this blog post with my plans for the coming year… Lately I’ve been feeling disheartened by online sales and trying to stand out in an increasingly competitive and busy marketplace.  It’s TIRING.  Also, traditionally, the winter months are slow for me online as my style is very summery and … More New direction…

Solo parenting

things have been pretty rough around here the past week.  Alone, and no way of contacting Danny,  I’ve had to deal with: News that his mother was hospitalised with shortness of breath and low blood oxygen levels.  She thought the breathlessness was a side-effect from her cancer treatment, so tried to live with it for … More Solo parenting

Sometimes we just need to stop.

  The electrician came this morning to fix our silly washing machine.  His presence kept me from the studio… I enjoyed my online time but felt like a “bored housewife on facebook” while he was here!  LOL  Suddenly it was 11am, tummy growling, so I reheated some left over curry (recipe: I’ve given into … More Sometimes we just need to stop.

M&M/SLD collaboration

I am so excited to release (today hopefully!) the first of the lovely skirts I have made in collaboration with Shari.   Here is a little sneak peek… I wonder if you can figure out what they’ll actually be?  Hints:  patchwork (of course!), exposed serging (of course!), bright and colourful (OF COURSE!)  :)   In … More M&M/SLD collaboration


I’ve been reading this fantastic book from the Library, “The Stress Free Home: Beautiful Interiors for Serenity and Harmonious Living”. Full of inspiration and how to make our homes feel more relaxing, and putting rooms to good use. Our lounge room, since we bought our new Teak tv cabinet last year, has been awkwardly arranged … More Sunday…


Do not naively rely on your computer hard drive OR just one external hard drive, to keep your cherished files safe. Got my first virus yesterday and have dropped computer into shop, along with not-working external hard drive. they have already assessed the hard drive and deem it completely dead and no way of retrieving … More BACK UP!!


I wish I was a better blogger. I also wish I had more of a routine with my work, blogging, book-keeping etc. I know. Repetitive, much? :) Aren’t my orchids beautiful? :) I’ve been spending some slow hours this morning with a pot of coffee and reading some blogs. So many wonderful people in this … More Ramblings…


I’ve forever had a house dream. It’s for so long been dark, cluttered, and I can’t always access certain rooms. Have never had a “floor plan” in my mind, in the dream. Over time, the house has become cleaner, rooms opening, clearing. Radiant light pouring in. Just the other night, I dreamt that I was … More dreams