Studio re-arrange!

It was a mammoth effort, but I left no box or pile unturned. I FOUND things I didn’t even know I had. how about that, eh? :)

I LOVE my new admin area!  Am I going to be organised, or WHAT! :)

It was just a cluttered mess; with things lying around that didn’t need to be.  I like it all close by, but doesn’t need to mess things up.  Now, it’s stored under some lovely sheer fabric and vintage table runner that are disguising the ugly trolley (I WILL paint it one day).

I swapped tables over – the white is now for admin and photography, and for when I need a larger space for cutting bigger pieces.  I mostly use my ironing board for cutting! :)

My cutting area!  The fan and boxes I had moved from the sewing area – then ran for the camera!  :)   All I have really done is move the mess down the wall a little :)  I don’t know how I will fare without my trusty trolley – it may be ugly, but it’s an inspiration holder!  I have now packed those ideas into the cupboard – lets hope I don’t forget.

I now have issues in the studio with where to hang pictures!!.  I need to spend time with some picture hangers and a hammer :)

The left wall is where I usually hang my clothing for photographs.  the way I have orientated the tables, means I’ve encroached into the space…   I am yet to work out where I’ll do the photos – perhaps in the garden as I really don’t like those blue walls!

The brown book shelf – one day, maybe when we move at the end of next year, I am painting it white.  Any tips on this – I am completely clueless when it comes to furniture!

The sewing table:  I had the overlocker in my accustomed spot, beside the sewing machine – but realised immediately that I had lost the space beside.  I have worked with machines on different table edges before and it was fine.

The best thing about setting up the tables like this?  I won’t be distracted as I’m sewing by the bloody computer!!!! god help me if I turn it around!  :)

Some of my personally favourite photos of M&M garments…  and a sweet little collage faux bag that Lily amused herself with while I delved into the many boxes with unknown contents.  Isn’t she creative and resourceful?

beautiful Heart Candy print, my first *bespoke* zine… and I really love the vintage embroidery prettying up my space.  The framed fabric… that WAS my order sorter-thing..  not I’m not sure what it’s purpose is.  Perhaps I’ll update the fabrics and hang it somewhere..

That’s it!  What do you think?    Do you have ideas on how I could use the space better, based on personal experience?   Do you have handy links to inspiring studios?  Yours, perhaps?  I would love to see!

Here is my Studio Envy board on Pinterest.



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