Where parents are hiding the Christmas presents…

I asked the following question on my facebook page yesterday: “OK ladies, I need some help. where are you hiding your Christmas presents this year?? I currently have one in my peg bag, strapped to my waist – I can’t hide it until the girls are in bed because they are 100% onto me! LOL”

This is what the Mums had to say:

~ We have a caravan where I stash a lot if the pressies, and that is where I also wrap them. Big plastic tub in plain view in the top of my cupboard is also a good place, kids don’t even think twice because it is in plain view

~ the back of my walk in robe.

~ Have floor to ceiling cupboards so way up the top where even the cheekiest monkey can’t climb :)

~ Car boot?

~ In Hubby’s shed locked in cupboard…

~ Are we expected to give the kids presents on Christmas ??? ;) lol

~ Same as Jane at our place. Tell the girls christmas will be nowhere near as exciting if they know what they are getting – we found our presents one year, and it was a huge let down on the day!

~ In the top cupboard of the wardrobe at my parents’ place, or leave them at the store on lay-by until Christmas Eve :)

~ I hide fakes in our pantry and tell the girls not to look in there, whatever they do. Works like a charm. They’re so busy scouring the pantry they don’t check my real spots – bookshelf and undies drawer for small, top of the wardrobe for bigger ones…

~ In plain view in a tub on top of the wardrobe. It is always there so it doesn’t look out-of-place when it is full!!

~ Mine are hidden at my neighbor’s house!! My kids are snoops!!!!

~ I layby deliberately and what i buy on sale I hide and find some of it in January or even may/June. So funny-I always forget the little things. I also set the kids up for diss appointment deliberately, makes for a better Chrissy. Works every year.

~ man hole as long as u have no pests…… they will never think to look there plus it works for big kids tooo…… heheheh

~ I like to hide in boxes already in my home; tubs full of memorabilia from long ago. They never look in tubs marked; Chris’s college textbooks!

~ I have 2 nondescript brown boxes I am hiding presents in this year. Both boxes are well out of my daughter’s reach.

Where do you hide yours? Feel free to add your comment! :)


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