I have declared today to be a “day off”.

I am faced with a mountain of laundry which is the result of working solely on M&M during last week (I usually do a load of washing every other day). I also have a child home from school*, meaning the day is going to be full of “Mummy!!” and various demands. I will work a little – packaging and perhaps a couple of simple girls a-line skirts – but to avoid the inevitable ‘seething with resentment’ at the end of the day from trying to do too much, I need to let go.

* Maisie had a bite on her belly last week that she scratched and fiddled with. It grew large and watery, with blistery edges… I was so worried about the infection that I took her to the doc yesterday afternoon – especially seeing as another little bite was also behaving like the original bite. Impetigo / school sores!! I was expecting ‘cellulosis’, not impetigo! Anyway, she’s commenced antibiotic treatment and the sores have nice scabs and aren’t looking so angry. She could have gone to school but I have kept her home.


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