I really, really love patchwork!

You know,  years ago a friend suggested I try patchwork as she knew how much I loved sewing…  Back then, my thoughts on patchwork were much the same as knitting – total waste of time.  A skirt should take an hour or two, not 5-10, right?  All those fiddly bits of fabric?  Forget it!!  :)

An accidental patchwork experiment a couple of years ago, to use up some scraps, and before I know it, I’m “famous” (hehe) for my patchwork skirts and dresses.

I think this was the first.  I think I’ve gotten better, what do you think? :)

As back-breaking and exhausting as it can be, it’s SO rewarding.

Selecting the fabric

Cutting all the little squares and forming the tiers

Twirly skirt perfection

and then piecing it all together… to be rewarded with AWESOME!

Do I have a patchwork skirt?  Yes, I do… just a knee-length as generally the weather isn’t favourable for long skirt (picture swathes of fabric clinging to sweaty legs & me tripping over)… but one of these days, I’m going to dedicated time to making myself one as I absolutely ADORE wearing them for photos :)


5 thoughts on “I really, really love patchwork!

  1. I hope you find the bag. I’ve not been to the botanical gardens in years. Love the new fabric background. Can’t comment on your latest post for some reason? Yes I am moving back to Darwin. My husband is already up there in a new job; I just have to sell our house then we will be heading up too. Can’t wait – even if we are going to be arriving for the build up. We’ll buy somewhere in the northern suburbs. Home to Darwin I go. :) x

    1. That’s so great, Sonia! I’m sure you’ll sell the house easily as you have been working such magic with it! i am so impressed with everything you do :) Have you been keeping tabs on Darwin realestate prices since you’ve been gone? They seem to have plateaued, but not much bang for your buck! :-/

  2. I love that you love patchwork so much, because they are just gorgeous and they are wonderfully unique and certainly brighten our wardrobes and life…..:)

  3. You certainly are rewarded with awesome! I love patchwork not only for the labour of love that creates a garment or quilt; but that wherever you cast your eye, there is a point of interest, differences in the fabric detail. This turquoise combo above is gorge-o-rama.

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