one-on-one time

We’re having a very slooowww  weekend.  My man has been out at work, fixing/updating the suspension in our 4WD, and I’ve been flopping about with some sinus/suspected cold, doing not much at all!

I had zero energy yesterday, but the way things worked out, I was lucky enough to have some one-on-one time with both of my girls; something that doesn’t happen often enough.  It’s unfortunate as I really am better in a one-on-one situation and find it really stressful when they both want me at the same time.   I find it so hard to strike a balance between meeting the girls’ needs without being overly-indulgent, and D & I meeting my our own needs, without neglecting theirs.   We just muddle through like the rest…. sometimes we’re awesome, sometimes not…

Today it’s just Maisie and I (who are about to go into the studio to make some baby pants for her doll, who is ‘toilet training‘) and perhaps have some pool time, while Lily is off with Danny helping to fix the car (and riding her bike around a massive paved area with a friends’ son).

In other news, I used some of our compost this morning, when Maisie and I planted out some seeds…  I learned that egg shells don’t break down :)

Edited to add:

I drafted a pants pattern and before I even cut the fabric for it, I was making Maisie a very cute little skirt in this fun spotty cotton jersey :)  Perfect skirt for her as it’s stretchy, and she doesn’t like skirts long (which is a pity, as she has a lovely collection of Monsoons & Mangoes LONG skirts in her wardrobe ;)

The doll pants:  First pair were a fail for the particular baby we were making for;  I underestimated the thighs!  :)  They were given to a smaller baby and much bigger pair were made for the ‘toilet training’ baby :)  Everybody’s happy xx


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