So little time!

And I haven’t even Facebooked today!  That says a lot, considering my Facebook obsession!

I came to my blog 106 minutes ago (I timed by the dishwasher), to write a blog post.  Now I have a pretty new layout – what do you think?? :)

I have SO much I want to write about – one of those things is “what I know about small business book-keeping“.  Which, if you’ve been following my FB business page for long enough, you’ll know that I totally suck at it – BUT, I did recently actively SCHEDULE book-keeping into my week, and my methods really didn’t make it so hard at all.  I eliminated the tedious manual entering from diary, Facebook photos, bank statement, paypal, etc…  anyway. I won’t go into it here, but will share properly, along with some long overdue garden and weather reports!

You’re excited, aren’t you? :)

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