So much for that :)

Listening to:  John Butler Trio – Good Excuse

Wow, it’s been sooo long (I keep saying that!).

The market was a flop.  Whether it wasn’t the right market for Monsoons & Mangoes, or down to position or lack of stock, I’ll never really know.   In the days following I felt very defeated by it all and was ready to find a job.

It was a good idea at the time, right?  :)


Then I had a “market night” on facebook and did really well.  It was so fun and was great to be interactive with my wonderful customers and fans again. I MISSED IT!  I think the whole process was about me remembering exactly why I sell online:

– It’s convenient to work when I want to

– I love photographing my items and prettying them up in Photoshop

– I’m addicted to the internet

– I love the social aspect and the instant gratification of people loving what I make! :)

2 thoughts on “So much for that :)

  1. Hey Nic, Sorry to hear about the market, ive been feeling a bit like that with my market stall , i dont think people around these parts are that interested in beautiful handmade things ( well there’s not many who are anyway ). Oh well, their loss!

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