New direction…

Early in the year, I wrote this blog post with my plans for the coming year…

Lately I’ve been feeling disheartened by online sales and trying to stand out in an increasingly competitive and busy marketplace.  It’s TIRING.  Also, traditionally, the winter months are slow for me online as my style is very summery and in keeping with my local climate.

Today I was approached to be involved in regular craft markets here in Darwin and it’s come at the perfect time!  Monsoons & Mangoes will be taking a break from online sales for a while, and tap into the local market via the craft markets and perhaps joining up with Two Pretty at Parap Markets.  I know there is NOBODY else making anything similar to me in Darwin, and I’m relishing the thought of the freedom to make exactly what I want and not try to always be coming up with something new (as I feel I have to online), and even repeating older designs that are so common now online.

Such as this :)

Because I’ll be spending less time photographing and discussing what I make, the intention is that I can better put those daily wasted hours to creative use and grow my business locally…. and spend more time with my lovely family.

Don’t worry: I’ll still be around, and listing the occasional item on my FB page or various shops, and later in the year when it gets too hot to be at the markets, I’ll regroup for online sales :)

10 thoughts on “New direction…

  1. Yay for you.. I am sure you will sell heaps.. Being at the local Markets will also grow your local customer numbers.. All the Dawinites will be telling their friends about Monsoons and Mangoes…
    It will be so good for you, I am sure you will love it….. Good Luck xoxoxo

    1. this is my hope, Julie. I’ve wanted for YEARS to take the plunge and do local markets but have never had enough stock. So, I’m going to bite the bullet and just do it. I’ll still sell a few things a week online, I imagine – maybe post market sales or something? :)

  2. All the best Nikki. Your work is amazing! Sometimes you just need to follow your heart (and instincts)
    I’m so in love with our two vintage skirts, so please do treat us fb people every now and then ;-}
    Have fun at the Markets!
    Kx :-}

  3. Your work is amazing Nikki!! Good Luck with your new venture into markets. I’m so sure it will be successful.
    I think we all have those moments of feeling disheartened (it must be in the air because I feel the same way this week). Never mind….chin up….remember how AWESOME you are!!!!
    Amy xx (PURE Photography)

    1. Thanks so much, Amy. I’m excited and scared… Right now I can’t really afford to take the hit of no online sales for a month (especially with a trip to Dalby/Mooloolaba in mid July), but I just have to leap in and do it and hope our tax returns come in quickly! LOL

  4. Wonderful news for you lovely lady….i felt there was a change in the air with you and now my instinct proves right…..allow your heart to sing and get those wings ready to fly….you will rock.
    (Tara K Designs)

    1. I have been feeling the same way Nikki, I haven`t sold much lately & it is so disheartening, wondering what I am doing wrong :( My page seems to have come to a standstill. I too are looking into doing new things, good luck with your new adventures at the markets xo

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