Solo parenting

things have been pretty rough around here the past week.  Alone, and no way of contacting Danny,  I’ve had to deal with:

  • News that his mother was hospitalised with shortness of breath and low blood oxygen levels.  She thought the breathlessness was a side-effect from her cancer treatment, so tried to live with it for 2 weeks :(
  • Sick kids: coughs, snot, conjunctivitis
  • Tests for Lily who has high protein levels in her urine.  Not normal.  Very worrying, but we’ll plod along and get through the kidney ultrasound next week and another wee test in 2 weeks and see what that reveals.  My lovely friend will hopefully be able to do the ultrasound, so that will make it less scary.

SO full on.

I was finally able to talk to Danny last night.  Oh wow… just so good to hear his voice and the GOOD news that he’s coming home on Sunday for a week or so.  We’re hoping to get out of town for a few days, just us, the dog and some bush :)

Today:  some lovely latin tunes and gardening with the girls. Later, dinner at a friends.  Tomorrow…  no idea yet.  Just the kind of weekend I need :)

Coleus, petunias, parsley, rocket & impatiens :)


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