Sometimes we just need to stop.


The electrician came this morning to fix our silly washing machine.  His presence kept me from the studio… I enjoyed my online time but felt like a “bored housewife on facebook” while he was here!  LOL  Suddenly it was 11am, tummy growling, so I reheated some left over curry (recipe:

I’ve given into my need for a “day off”.  Trying to put less pressure on myself and listen to what my body is telling me.  Today it says, “couch it, listen to Triple J (too noisy) and read Storm Boy“, so that is exactly what I am about to do.  May even have a little nana nap :)




3 thoughts on “Sometimes we just need to stop.

  1. Ohhh Nikki,,, Strom Boy is my favourite movie from when I was a child,,, I used to holiday in a shack at the Coorong and pretend that I was Storm Boy wearing one of my Dads old daggy jumpers,, even now I talk to the pelicans when ever I see them and call them Mr Proud, Mr Ponder or Mr Percival…. It is lovely that you had such a nice chill time for yourself,, I am doing that today!!!

    1. It was wonderful, Kirsty! Napped for two hours. Went to bed early to catch up on my dirty little secret (Home and Away addiction ;). Looking forward to an energetic and productive day tomorrow! :)


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