I’ve been reading this fantastic book from the Library, “The Stress Free Home: Beautiful Interiors for Serenity and Harmonious Living”.
Full of inspiration and how to make our homes feel more relaxing, and putting rooms to good use. Our lounge room, since we bought our new Teak tv cabinet last year, has been awkwardly arranged and totally under-utilised. The book finally got me into action – the end result is a warm and cozy room which we find ourselves drifting into many times in the day, and actually using for relaxation and togetherness. WIN! :)

Old layout was SO uninspiring there are no photos to show unfortunately. But this is how it is now:

Note virus ridden laptop on coffee table.  The table was a great buy – the top slides both ways – CDs in one half, toys/crap in the other.  :)


Maisie was excited by the new space and did some decorating of her own with the shells and frangipani.  She also brought puzzle boxes and her little diary out and ‘strategically’ placed them around.  ;)


Beautiful shell decoration we bought in Mission Beach last year.  I would fill my house and verandah with these if I could.


More Maisie decorating ;)


Little nature platter.


From dining room looking through.  I love it so much! :)   Before, the long couch was totally obstructing the room, the left wall was bare…  just yuck!


In the late afternoon, we took the dog to Lee Point beach. My little mermaids could not resist a swim :) Panda had a great time, bounding through the water. Me: anxious on the shore, eyes on all dogs coming anywhere near us. Panda isn’t well socialised and doesn’t know how to play.


I had to piggy back Maisie back to the car park as sand + board shorts do not mix :( found, of all things, COTTON growing on the foreshore. Who knew cotton grew in Darwin! :)

Cotton bud!  Would you clean your ears with this?  LOL


2 thoughts on “Sunday…

  1. That book sounds like a great read. (I’m stressed!). What a beautiful space. Very organic, and rich in textures. I’d be happy to hang out there for hours, and I love your louvres!
    My family home (where my Mum still lives) is in Wanguri; not far from Lee Pt.

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