Do not naively rely on your computer hard drive OR just one external hard drive, to keep your cherished files safe.

Got my first virus yesterday and have dropped computer into shop, along with not-working external hard drive.

they have already assessed the hard drive and deem it completely dead and no way of retrieving data. to say I’m heartbroken at the thought of losing 10 years of photos and video clips of the girls would be an understatement. We will take in old dead PC hard drives in and hope that the photos etc may still be retrievable from those. Please cross everything! It would be too devastating to lose it all.

So. Back up your files to not just one, but TWO external hard drives. And CDs too.

Omg… I just checked Danny’s External drive and he thankfully has the photos he has taken with his camera, so we still have SOME.

How cute is Maisie? 2 years old :)


14 thoughts on “BACK UP!!

  1. Ahhhh my heart is sick for you! Bloody hell! I am sending out a message to the universe and St Anthony (my music teacher as a child, an ex-Nun, used to make me pray to St. Anthony when something was missing), that your photos are retrieved. Thanks for the reminder. I hope upon hope, that you get some back.
    Maisie is divine. I want my toddler skin back! Aren’t they just sublime and perfect, from head to toe!! xx

  2. So sorry to hear Nikki. Like someone else mentioned, apparently it’s not impossible to retieve data from dead drives, just takes a lot of time and money.
    We learnt the hard way when Darcy dropped my laptop with all our photos….I was crushed when they said it was all lost forever. Shop around, there are folks who will retieve lost data.
    Good luck.
    If worse comes to worse you just need everyone you know to put all the photos they have of you guys onto a disk for you and start to build from there.
    Stupid damn virus :(

  3. All my laptops are set up with Mozy Home ( For around $50 a year, I know that my pictures, files, programs and other stuff are backed up in the background. And it HAS saved my skin on more that one occasion when I accidentally over write a file. I believe that Mozy keeps the last THREE revisions of your file, so I could go back to a version that I knew was what I needed.

    Best of luck with your recover efforts…

  4. We are a back up Nazi here as well. Have things saved on external hard drives, as well as being saved on to a neighbours drive where we have an external hard drive as well. The compter saves it all periodically for us. Hubby has set it all up on our Mac’s. The thought of losing it all would be completely devastating!! I hope you are able to retrieve some if not all.

  5. Everything crossed for you Nikki, the very thought of losing all my photos is to devastating to imagine. Hope someone manages to retrieve them for you.

  6. She is super cute at 2 (and now for that matter) I recently had the exact same thing with my computer and external hard drive as well. TOTAL devastation I can tell you. However when they say not retrievable they mean not retrievable without it costing A LOT of money. Mark got someone he sort of knew to have a look at it and after nearly 10 hours of apparently hard work we have our photos back. We are however now down a right arm and half a leg. So yes back up your back ups and even then back them up as well, disks, USB, external hard drives the works, hey even print a few lol. Seriously though sorry to hear of your loss it is super sucky

  7. Oh my god Nikki! that would be truly devastating! I really hope they can find your files on the hard drive.. I have been bitten by this once myself and we now back up our files onto an online site for file storage (don’t ask me what, Jules deals with all that stuff).. I have EVERYTHING crossed for you hun xxx

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