Giving in to my weaknesses

I’ve canned the Scout camp. Giving into myself, as Scouts encourage you NOT to.

the stress involved in making it happen probably isn’t worth it, considering the girls don’t seem fussed on whether we go or not.

So, this coming weekend will be about Greek Glenti, friends, and a sweet African boy’s 5th birthday party. We’ll still get lots out of that :)

We had a wonderful afternoon with new neighbour friends*, with the kids all in an inflatable dinghy in their pool. Simple water fun. Perhaps we can have a ‘re-enactment’ of that kinda fun, too :)

* I haven’t mentioned here how AMAZINGLY well the girls have transitioned into the new local school. Was seriously the best decision I’ve made. Walking on grassy paths, beneath frangipani trees and getting to know our very own neighbours. Just SO good. As excruciating as the last year was for us as a family, I’m glad we went through it, to be where we are now. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t consider a voluntary upheaval of changing schools, but it’s been for the best. Hooray! :)


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