I’ve forever had a house dream. It’s for so long been dark, cluttered, and I can’t always access certain rooms. Have never had a “floor plan” in my mind, in the dream.

Over time, the house has become cleaner, rooms opening, clearing. Radiant light pouring in.

Just the other night, I dreamt that I was holidaying with my family in an old house in Launceston, in the Trevallyn area. As I explored, it dawned on me that it was my ‘dream house’! the floor plan was exactly the same, and the view over the Tamar River was extraordinary. I felt at home, and suddenly overwhelmed and emotional with the knowledge that I MUST to live in that there house, and everything would finally be as it should.

There was a little bit about “checking in” to the holiday home, and the outside picture (which never usually appears in the dream) was on my phone.

I have always interpreted my “house dreams” a particular way, and it’s clear to me what this means.

But, how would YOU interpret this?


3 thoughts on “dreams

  1. For me, since I have my own personal interpretations, it would mean my life was doing better, and that I was actively involved in it being that way. I’m not a religious woman in the traditional sense, but I do have to remind myself of something from proverbs ALL THE TIME because it suits me so well. “A wise woman builds up her house, the foolish one tears it down with her own hands.” Since that is such a part of who I am, I’d take it as a positive sign that my life was on track, because I have spent many years tearing my own house down. Seriously. Even after doing renovations. I’m stupid, er, foolish that way.

  2. Hi Nikki, years ago, before my then husband & I had bought a house, my then husband had a dream of his perfect house, & I had a vision of how it looked in the lounge area. He described the house in detail & I drew a picture of my vision. Not long after, we found the exact house on the edge of the Dandenongs in Melbourne & bought it, so I do believe dreams can eventuate:)xxxJulie

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