What’s happening? :)

My birkis arrived. I’m totally inlove with them, and resisting the temptation to become a collector! Never owned a pair of shoes as comfy! :)

My poor neglected blog. I get logged out because I don’t use it often enough. I’m not going to vow to be a better blogger, because I’ve tried that before ;)

New fun thing to make: ponchos! Fleece and my other fave: Mexican heavyweight cotton. To Die For! Like wrapping yourself in a big ol’ blanket.

Mexican Poncho. nice, huh!!?? :)

In other news, I was featured on the lovely Handmade Kids blog Well, a little while ago, but only just found out :)

2 thoughts on “What’s happening? :)

    1. Hi Lovely! Thanks – the ponchos are great. Will hopefully be saving one for myself :)

      Sewing – yes. some custom orders and hopefully a poncho or two… but have haircut at 10am… Might spend rest of day either a) crying in the mirror or b) admiring in the mirror! :)

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