My poor back!

I spent a long day in the studio recently, and backed up by another few hours at night. By the end of it, my back was killing me, as were my feet. I ended up putting on my sneakers & socks, looking HOT with my skirt ;)

I’m impatiently waiting for my beautiful birkenstocks to arrive from Germany, and the sandals just offer NO support. And since I don’t enjoy wearing sneakers all day, I have had to resort to…

…buying a pair of imitation crocks from Rivers!! $10 and my feet are in a new kind of heaven and so is my back. I probably won’t wear them in public though!

Anyway, this is less about the shoes, and really more about the realisation that going barefoot all day is actually BAD for my back!

2 thoughts on “My poor back!

  1. Oh I hear you sister. I’ve got some lovely sandals and pretty shoes that I only use for shorter walking stints; but if I need to say do some walking with purpose and for some duration, then it’s birkenstocks every time. Or something with a decent heel.
    Looking forward to seeing what these long hours in the studio have produced.

    1. The crocs have done wonders! :) Aaaand… I received my beautiful birkenstock today! they are so much more pink than the picture looks on my monitor, but a nice pink, so it’s all good. Totally inlove with them :)

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